Review AERIN by Aerin Lauder Floral Embroidered Suede Crossbody Bag


In my neighborhood, we’ve been experiencing very spring temperatures. As nice as it has been this warm weather, it really made me think it’s not quite winter and yet it’s not quite spring. Welcome to the Goldilocks area. Personally, it’s hard for me to figure out what color bag I should wear during this medium. Anyone else? With the weather as it is, Black looks too gray, conversely, it’s not spring, so maybe a pastel color is not a good idea fortunately, a solution is still within our reach. The grey bags remain a hot item and, in this scenario, seem to be a perfect fit. However, one piece that caught my attention is the suede shoulder bag with floral embroidery from AERIN. I think it would be perfect for this transition period between the winter and spring season.

It may just be me, but before today I did not realize that Aerin Lauder did nothing but cosmetics and fragrances. I mean, yes, she has her namesake label (other than Estee Lauder) but it’s mostly beauty products. Apparently she also makes handbags and accessories. Who knows?! When I saw this particular purse, however, it was definitely love at first sight. I love the light gray color and the embroidery of cream-colored flowers. Everything is very simple and sweet. I also love that this bag is suede. Makes a bag material so beautiful!

Take a look at Saks Fifth Avenue today: Suede shoulder bag with floral embroidery by AERIN

Also available in beige! Available in Net-a-Porter: AERIN-suede and embroidered leather shoulder bag-Beige

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