Review Anya Hindmarch Georgiana Rubix Cube Giant Pixels Clutch


Is it me or does Anya Hindmarch have been incorporating much more color into her handbag collection? Anya has always had a little touch of fantasy, but it seems that in recent years she has put the envelope on many of her handbag designs. In the handbags Anya Hindmarch have appeared smiley faces, patches, funny patterns, funny legends, great graphics, vibrant colors and even elements of pop culture. However, the piece I photographed here seems to have literally taken the whole “colorful” thing.

The clutch of Anya Hindmarch Georgian Rubix Cube giant pixels is literally a rainbow of colors. They’re not really organized in spectrum order, but all the basic colors are there. However, the pattern itself is what I find most intriguing. The colors are actually individual squares arranged in a V-shaped pattern. The word pixels in the name refers to these squares. But, although this piece is not a cube, the squares of different colors remind me of a Rubik’s cube. You know, those frustrating things that tempt you to cheat by removing the decals from the squares and rearranging them so you can finally get a whole color on each side. The good news is that you wouldn’t need to cheat to look at this colorful piece!

The clutch Anya Hindmarch Georgian Rubix Cube pixels giants is available here at Neiman Marcus.
Retail sales for $1450

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