Review Balenciaga City Bag- Still in Style or Pass?


When it comes to handbags, Balenciaga, no doubt, is not the power it once was. Back in the early 2000, Balenciaga was at its peak. Since then, we have had a lot of contemporary designers offering new fun and modern styles season after season. For Balenciaga to rely on a single style, like the signature piece, like City Bag, and offer season after season just to change the color becomes monotonous after a while.


Balenciaga has other styles like the Papier A4 Tote but still has the same appearance of hardware.

There is still a fan base of Balenciaga, of course, but I do not hear so many people flocking to choose the new color of the season, as before. If you still like this style, you’ll probably find it in most department stores.

Neiman Marcus has the largest selection of Balenciaga City handbags online!
The picture above is the city bag Balenciaga Classic Metallic Edge in beige, $2.125.

Looking for a pre-released color from a reputable salesperson? Check out this Balenciaga Turquoise City of the spring available by What Goes Around comes around.

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