Review Chanel Cerf Bag Look for Less- Kate Spade Candace Satchel


At first glance, when I came across the Kate Spade Candace Satchel, it reminded me of the Chanel Cerf bag. It almost looks identical and definitely gets a B + score when it comes to a less search version.

The Kate Spade Candace Satchel is a perfect place when it comes to the everyday style of work. It has all the features that one looks for in a work bag. First, you have the size too spacious, which is ideal for anything, like laptops, papers, snacks, water bottles, umbrellas, etc. One thing that this bag has that the Chanel Cerf bag does not have, is the zipper top closure. Bright! I live in Seattle, where it rains once in a while, so it’s definitely a good feature. I love using my Cerf Tote on most work occasions due to the size, clean style and simple structure. However, in the rainy days you have to leave it at home. I would also say that this bag is a little more structured than Chanel Cerf. It’s not much, but it definitely has a more blocked look. In general, if you are looking for a classic bag for everyday but do not want to spend $2k +, I would say that this has everything. It has that classic look that allows you to last more than a couple of seasons (or even years!). It will surely last the test of time…

And on a personal taste note, I’d drop the baggage tag. I don’t get it

Take a look. The Kate Spade Candace Satchel is available here at Shopbop, where it sells for $378.


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