Review Chloe Mini Hudson Autumnal Leaves Embellished Shoulder Bag


I feel like I’ve written about a bag of Chloe Hudson many times before. It seems that this bag keeps appearing on my radar, only slightly different each season. Which I will file under Chloe’s incredible ability to reinvent this bag over and over again. If it’s not broken (date), why fix it? Now comes the million-dollar question: What is it this time? For the answer, just take a look at Chloe Mini Hudson’s autumn leaf-topped handbag!

The saddle bags are super hot now! This is the second saddlebag style I wrote in a week! So I guess it’s no wonder that the Chloe Hudson is being introduced again. What I love about this particular version is the unusual ornament on the front. When I first saw this bag, I was a little confused about what was supposed to be exactly those gold metal pieces. After a closer inspection, I discovered that they are actually autumn leaves. Oh, how I love the motives of nature in handbags! Animals are, of course, my favorites. But the leaves are great too! I love how the front rains on hanging chains creating a fringe look. This bag would be perfect for the next fall season. I know, I know, it’s too early to think about the fall. But this bag is so beautiful, who could resist?

Chloe’s Mini Hudson shoulder bag adorned with autumn leaves is available at Net-A-Porter, where it is sold for $2300.

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