Review Introducing the Fendi Pico Baguette


Fendi is the latest designer brand to introduce a small bag. Nicknamed the Baguette Peak, the name is inspired by one of the smallest units of measurement, after Micro and Nano. The Peak was first seen on Fendi’s Spring 2020 track and is now the most tinnosive member of the Baguette family. With a sound of only 4 CM x 4 CM, the Pico Baguette is the smallest bag one can buy. Handmade with micro and macro embroidered beads, the Pico is available in a range of colors and patterns, some with fringe details and others without them.

A set of small bags, a press release from the brand described that the bag had “a fun multifunctional paper”. It can be used as an amulet, worn a cross body, or displayed around the neck like a necklace. The Pico Baguette sells for $750. Find out more now through Fendi.


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