Review Just in Time for Autumn- Tory Burch Wool Blanket Stripe Duffel Bag


Imagine yourself sitting on the prairie, the sunset over the tall grass. Hundreds of butterflies flutter among the blooming flowers of autumn that dot the landscape. Now this is the kind of drop I can deal with! Oddly enough, the so-called prairie look has been lurking in the shadows lately. Somewhere between the boho and the cowgirl, prairie styles can actually refresh a fall wardrobe. Think of neutral colors, small flowers, floating shapes and even frills! And don’t forget the boots! But what about accessories like handbags? Can you join the fun of the prairie? Well, according to Tory Burch, apparently they can. Take a look at the striped duffel bag of the Tory Burch woolen blanket!

What a unique idea for a purse! If you look well, you will see that the outside is (literally) a blanket. It’s not a blanket for your bed, but one you can find on a horse’s back. Or, on the floor for a picnic. I really love the neutral tones of the earth. The mole color, the cream and the burnt orange are beautiful and perfect for the autumn season. Keep in mind the size of this bag too, you could practically use it as a picnic basket (although that would probably be a disaster). If you don’t mind the size, I think this bag will match well with a similar color palette.

Tory Burch’s woolen blanket striped duffel bag is available here at SHOPBOP

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