Review Scarf Play – Moschino Love Moschino Fox Scarf Tote


Like the Moschino Luxury collection, the Love Moschino broadcast line has had a lot of unusual styles. However, in my opinion, the styles of Love Moschino are unusual in a cute and playful way. Moschino’s luxury pieces can be downright bizarre. So I don’t mind writing about the Love Moschino bags, especially when they’re as adorable as the one you see here. Know the Totalizer Moschino Love Moschino Scarf!

This simple and friendly tote for vegans features synthetic leather in rich and classic colors. My favorite is the red. The red is not only a great color that is bright (for a touch of color) and neutral (which goes with a ton of things), but it is also the color that comes with a super cute fox scarf. And I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but it almost seems like the fox is a mockery of a fox stole. Either way, he’s super adorable with his extended legs and his sunglasses. Also available are blue (with duck scarf) and black (with panda scarf). Whatever color you choose, I think this would be the perfect basic bag for a daily wardrobe. Want to add some fun? Simply tie the animal-themed scarf to the mango!

The Moschino Love Moschino Scarf hand bag is available here at ShopBop.

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