Review Thierry Mugler Super Fringe Slim Half-Moon Leather Bag


Mugler is a handbag designer that I’m not very familiar with. Honestly, I can’t think of any of his other styles of handbags. Which is surprising because, according to his biography, Thierry Mugler has existed since 1974. Apparently, the designer is best known for his haute couture clothes. A quick Google search produced some interesting images of their fashion shows, which are not my style. Actually, far from my style. However, after seeing this super bag with fringes that has allowed me to overcome all that. In fact, I can’t stop looking at this bag! What do you think of the Thin crescent leather bag super Fringe Thierry Mugler?

When I say fringes, I’m not playing. This handbag has an impressive stripe inspired by Cousin It. Those strands measure almost two feet long-l-i-t-e-R-A-L-l-y! It’s amazing to me how a simple design could look so dramatic. I like the style of the Thin crescent bag. The bar along the top also gives this piece some stiffness, which I guess is important if you want to keep that perfect bow of fringes. This is because it helps to maintain and distribute the weight evenly. While I love the look, I don’t see this as a very practical purse for every day. However, I see it as a great piece of statement, something I’m sure Mary-Kate Olsen would approve of. I think it would look great with a simple black dress.

Check it out at SHOPBOP, where it is currently on sale for $1.045 (originally $2090)

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